Fill It or Spill It

Rochefort 10

In Belgium on June 1, 2011 at 1:46 am

Rochefort 10

For the first review I had to pick one of my favorite beers.  It’s always time for Rochefort 10!  For a beer with 11.3% ABV, you can’t taste the alcohol.  It pours a nice dark brown color and has a creamy head (that’s what she said).   It smells great, nice and sweet … raisins. It has a great malty taste, again with hints of raisins.  Not overly malty or sweet; if you know what a Malta is, picture a Malta, but with alcohol…..can’t go wrong.   If you don’t know what a Malta is, visit your local bodega and get one.

It’s a beer you want to take your time with.  If you have it in the fridge, you want to let it sit for a bit, so the flavors become more prominent.  It’s really smooth so you won’t be disappointed when  it gets closer to room temperature.  It’s not heavy either, so if you’re having an after dinner beer, then don’t worry about being too full for this trappist.

I’m a little sad that I have finished my Rochefort 10, but glad that I got to drink it.  I encourage you to pick one up if you see one next time you are at your favorite beer spot.  You might not currently be in the mood for one, but you will be later.

The verdict……definitely Fill It.  and then refill it!

  1. I could not agree more. Top 3 beers I have ever had.

  2. sounds delicious….this is a belgian beer right?

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