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Beer Spot: The Ginger Man

In Beer Spot on June 5, 2011 at 10:24 pm

I think sharing is caring, so I figure when I visit a cool beer spot I’ll post my experience.  Not too long ago I visited a spot in NYC called The Ginger Man. 

To be honest, I found the place by accident.  I was bored one night google-ing beer and beer related things and came across The Ginger Man’s website.  I was really impressed by their website.  Sometimes websites are misleading and you think there will be more information than there really is.  Sometimes it’s some crummy pics and the address.  The Ginger Man’s website has the beers categorized by country and either draught or bottle.  Their selection is pretty extensive on the website, but I was still skeptical.  Don’t you hate it when you hear a place has something, but when you go they tell you “We’re out of it”?  So, I decided to visit and see for myself.

I was pretty impressed by the atmosphere.  When I walked in, they had tables to sit down and dine; booths with picnic tables for a group; or you can sit at the bar.  I thought the seating options are cool because you can go there no matter what mood you are in.  It was really laid back and had all sorts of different people sitting down.  There was older couple enjoying some food and beer……at the bar was a group of young guys drinking beer and trading some funny stories. 

First thing I did was flip through the menu and picked out a Unibroue and a La Trappe (reviews coming soon!).  The Unibroue was on tap and the La Trappe was a bottle.  What was cool too is the “to go” option.  You can make your own six pack or take a growler with you.  I could’ve gone broke with all their options, but I had to show some restraint.  Next time, I’m taking a growler of whatever the featured draught is.

Don’t go in there expecting some sort of fancy dinner or anything and that it not a knock on the food.  If you like pub food then you will be happy.  I had the brats and knockwurst plate that comes with mustard and sauerkraut.  All of it was good and I would definately have it again.  My wife had some sort of salad (sorry all salads look alike to me) and it was huge.  The bowl was bigger than her head, so we got our money’s worth and she really liked the salad.

If you are in NYC and looking for a place to have a real beer, check out The Ginger Man.  Sorry, I haven’t come up with a rating system for good places, but I’ll think of something.  So, for now you should definately check this place out if you are in NYC.  Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there!


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