Fill It or Spill It

Wild Blue

In Domestic on June 8, 2011 at 10:10 pm

In order to beat the 90 something degree weather today I decided to crack a nice cold beer.  On one of my lunch time wanderings I came across a liquor store and figured I’d check it out to see if I could find any interesting beers.  The place had a big wine sale, so  figured at worst I could find some wine.  The selection wasn’t anything special, although they did have some Chimay in the fridge so I was pretty impressed by that.  I also found a six-pack of this Wild Blue Blueberry Lager.  I’ve had it before at a bar and I thought it was pretty good, so why not pick up a six-pack.

It’s 8%ABV so its got a nice kick to it.  The color is a purpleish-blue color and pretty interesting looking.  It doesn’t have a lot of head and the little head it has dissipates pretty quickly.  It smells pretty sweet.  I wish I could tell you it smells like blueberries, but it doesn’t.  It really just smells sweet and not like anything in particular.  The alcohol is pretty strong in the aroma, which is surprising because usually these fruit beers do a better job of hiding the alcohol.

The taste is a lot like the aroma, just sweet.  It is really light; almost watery.  It’s more like juice than it is beer really.  It reminds me of wine, maybe because of the high alcohol content of the beer and the sweetness.  This beer isn’t as substantial as wine and there is not much complexity in flavor.  If you can stand the sweetness its ok.

This Wild Blue isn’t that bad; you really just have to be in the mood for it.  If you get that weird craving of wanting to have something sweet like cookies or ice cream, but you really want a beer too(don’t pretend like it’s only me that feels like that sometimes) then it is not a bad choice.  One turn off is that it is part of the big three; the Big Dawg Brewery is a part of AB InBev.  It is not a big deal if you don’t care who makes the beer, but I try to support smaller crafts and speciality beers.  I don’t want to get on my soap box or anything, but the little guy needs your support and cares a lot of more of what kind of beers you want.

Verdict: Fill It (if you are in the mood). It’s not a bad beer, but because it’s a part of the big three you can tell they cut some corners in terms of details.  It is kind of annoying that the aroma is really more alcohol than ingredients; it just bothers me.  The beer reminds me of stumbling across The Fast and Furious on TV and watching it or listening to a 50 Cent album.  There isn’t a whole lot of substance, but it is entertaining and gives you something to do.  Wild Blue helped beat this ridiculous heat, so that counts for something.


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