Fill It or Spill It

Delirium Tremens

In Belgium on June 11, 2011 at 12:35 am

Today wasn’t as hot as the last couple of days, but still perfect for a beer.  I have been craving a Delirium for quite a while and have been waiting for the right time to crack it open.  It’s from the Huyghe Brewery and has a nice 8.5%ABV.

Coming out of the bottle it has a nice golden color and nice head.  The head sticks around for a while and then settles down to cover the brew nicely.  The carbonation is pretty solid in this beer at first and then settles down after a couple of minutes.  The beer doesn’t lose anything when the carbonation dissipates.  The color gets kind of cloudy, but I think it is a good thing.  It makes it look delicious, yet mysterious.

If you take a whiff, it smells very fruity and sweet, but not in a bad way.  Sometimes if the beer smells sweet, it is going to taste really sweet, but you don’t get that here.  The sweetness probably has more to do with its Belgian goodness than gimmicky sweetness that lesser beers add in because they are missing flavor.  The aroma has hints of apple in it too, which is a nice.  You can also get some subtle hints of hops and Belgian yeast if you paying attention.    The aroma is almost like aroma therapy because it is so relaxing.  It makes the beer perfect for cranking the AC, kicking back in your chair, and watching some TV.

The beer is very light and smooth.  It’s got a refreshing sweetness to it.  Again, the sweetness is natural and doesn’t feel like somebody just tried to add different flavors in there.  If you take your time with it, each sip coats the inside of your mouth with nothing but flavor.  It is not overpowering and makes the beer that much more enjoyable.  You want to take your time with the beer, but for me, it was at it’s best when it was nicely chilled.  As with any good beer, if you let it sit for a bit you can have more flavors become prominent.  I wanted to be cooled down so I wasn’t really in the mood to let it sit too long.  The alcohol is hidden nicely in the beer and you can’t notice it in the flavor.

Verdict: Fill It!  Delirium Tremens is definitely a favorite.  DT is like a trusted old friend, it won’t let you down.  If you have never had a Belgian beer before it is a nice introduction.  It won’t overwhelm you, but will be satisfying enough that you will wonder what other Belgian beers have to offer.  Delirium Tremens is a Belgian beer that always hits the spot.  If you don’t know, now you know!

  1. Good point on it not being a fake sweetness. I think it can be best described as biting into a fresh fruit rather than eating a fruit flavored candy. The beer is not sweet like a piece of candy but more like fresh fruit. Nice post.

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