Fill It or Spill It


In Boston, Domestic on June 12, 2011 at 9:18 pm

(Bonus Pic: This is from a trip my wife and I took to the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Utopias I had today came from this barrel?)

If you are a fellow beer geek, you have heard of Sam Adams Utopias.  I have always wanted to try it, but like most of the rest of the world, I can’t really spare about $150 on a little bottle of beer (or whatever some places decide to charge for it).   This year, a friend of mine and I decided we’d share the cost of a bottle to sample this bad boy.  We were both on the look out to get one and finally got our hands on it.  Today was the day we decided to see what Utopias had to offer.

At 27% ABV the little bottle was kind of intimidating.  I sort of felt like a kid at Christmas, waiting to see what Sam Adams had to offer.  It pours a dark brown and does not look like your average beer.  It looks like you are drinking cognac or something really fancy with a fancy name that I can’t pronounce correctly.  The lacing in the glass is really interesting.  It looks greasy, almost like oil.  It was fun to just swish it in the glass and look at the lacing.

I was fascinated by the aroma; it was so complex.  It’s a formidable scent….it stings the nostrils, in a good way (Ron Burgundy anyone?).  It’s got all sorts of things going on in the aroma.  I picked up some nice woodiness and hints of dark fruits like raisins; it smelled like a Fig Newton to me.  I also picked up some chocolate scent mixed with toffee and caramel.  I could not stop admiring the aroma coming from this little bit of fluid in my glass, there was all sorts of craziness going on in there.

There was all of this fun sensory stuff going and I hadn’t even tasted it yet!  When I took my first sip, I was surprised that the taste wasn’t as strong or overwhelming as you would think.  Don’t get me wrong, it has a pretty powerful taste, but it was relatively easy to drink.  Utopias was really smooth going down too.  It feels almost syrupy in your mouth and had the consistency of what I imagine cognac or that sort of stuff would have.  It also gave me that warming feeling you get when you are drinking that heavy stuff too, so I imagine this would be great during the winter.  An interesting note, if you let it sit in your mouth for a couple of seconds, you get a tingling, almost numbing feeling.

Verdict: Fill it!  If you can afford it, it is worth it or you can do what I did and share the cost.  All 5 of my senses experienced something with Utopias.  OK, so maybe my sense of hearing didn’t really get involved, but hey 4 out of 5 isn’t bad (I combined taste and touch because I wasn’t going to stick my hand in the glass).  It is incredibly complex and worth experiencing.  It was like watching the Matrix for the first time; you get your mind blown because you haven’t experienced something like that before.  It’s amazing what Sam Adams did with beer.  I raise my glass in respect.


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