Fill It or Spill It

Allagash Four

In Domestic, Maine on June 18, 2011 at 10:41 pm

This is one of those beers I wasn’t look for,  but found while I was out grocery shopping.  I decided to take a break from sorting through the packs of chicken to find something that was dinner worthy and check what the beer situation was like.  I saw a few familiar bottles, but this beer from Allagash caught my eye.  It looked pretty pricey, but when I took it to the check out line, it turned out to be cheaper.  Between you and me, I think the clerk made a mistake and I got this bottle a few bucks cheaper.

It pours a dark caramel color and doesn’t have a lot of head.  The head settles and gets pretty thin and forms a white ring inside the glass.  The carbonation wasn’t anything special, seemed to be about average.

The aroma was really nice.  The aroma on first whiff was really sweet almost like cotton candy, which blew my mind.  I really didn’t know what to make of the aroma because I had to smell it again to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, but that scent of sweet cotton candy was there.  I guess the four different sugars in there would lead to such a sweet, sweet aroma.  There is also some subtle woodiness, accompanied by scents of malt.

Four is 10% ABV, so you’re going to want to take your time with it, but to be honest you can’t really taste the alcohol.  The mouthfeel is nice, a little on the thin/light side.  Since there are four types of malt in this brew, I’m sure you can assume that the beer has prominent malty taste.  There are subtle hints of hops, but not as powerful as the malts.  There are also hints of dark chocolate in the finish.  The chocolate is quite nice in the finish because I wasn’t really expecting it.  Overall, it was pretty light feeling for a dark beer. It also has this strange fizziness to it; I really am not sure how to describe it.  It’s not overly carbonated, but each sip is pretty bubbly, almost like seltzer.  This fizziness is probably what leads the beer to feel so light.  It’s not a bad thing, but just something to note.

Verdict: Fill It!  I really liked this beer.   I’m a big fan of Allagash and the stuff they do with beer, so I think this is another success.  On the Allagash website, it says this is a Belgian style quad and I think it is a good attempt.  I also think it is clever to call a quad beer Four (good job Allagash).  I’d definitely try this one again.

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