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Beer Spot: The Iron Monkey

In Beer Spot on June 19, 2011 at 7:51 pm

This is a great beer spot to visit if you are in Jersey City, NJ.  It is not too far from Exchange Place, so public transportation is easy and since you will probably be having a few beers, you will need it.

They have an extensive beer menu and a good food menu.  The place itself is cool; they have 3 areas where you can enjoy some food and beer.  The first floor is a regular bar with seating.  If you’re going with some friends it’s a nice area to have some good beer and good conversation.  The second area is the dining room area, so if you are going out on a date night with a special someone or just going out for dinner, it’s a good space.  The third area is the rooftop area with table seating and a rooftop bar, which is great on a nice night.

The beer menu is pretty extensive.  When you ask for it, you get a big, red leather book.  I love just flipping through it and looking at all the beer there is to drink.  It reminds me that I have a lot of work to do.  You can find plenty of beer; from domestic crafts like Dogfish and Ommegang to imports like Kwak and Aventinus.  My wife even finds some of her favorites in the beer menu.

The Iron Monkey also has growlers available which is always a plus.  They also deliver growlers, which is awesome.  Unfortunately for me, I’m too far to get one, but for anyone who does…it sounds awesome.  They also have events, like Meet The Brew nights.  This past week, Allagash stopped by with some of their tasty brews.  I had to miss it =( but they are having more which I will have to check out.   I have my eye on the Weyerbacher night.   So it is not just some place with good beers, the good beers come to them.

The food menu is good too, there is something for everyone.  It is a mix of pub favorites like burgers and chicken wings and fancy stuff like shredded duck confit.  To be honest, I’ve never had the duck (or any duck for that matter) so I’m not much help there.  I have had the chicken wings, burgers, and beef skewers; all pretty darn tasty.  I can also recommend the cheese fries, which always hit the spot after a couple of beers.

If you are in Jersey City, I would definitely stop in and check out The Iron Monkey.  (I was going to stick in some sort of monkey or banana joke here, but I’ll save the bad joke).  Check out their website  below.



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