Fill It or Spill It

Yeast Series: American Style

In Denmark on July 4, 2011 at 10:00 pm

I have never had a beer from Mikkeller, so this is a first.  I decided to go with this American Style beer because it seemed like a safe choice to be honest.  I didn’t want to pick some fancy-pants beer, if I didn’t like their regular beers.  I have always been intrigued by the labeling of Mikkeller’s beers because they are very simple with just the name of the beer on most of the bottles.  The simplicity of the labels shows me confidence in the beer inside because they don’t need a crazy logo or anything.

I was a little surprised at the 8% ABV on this one.  I would’ve thought it would have been on the low side, maybe like 5% or 6%, but hey I am not complaining.  The beer pours a nice amber color.  The head is semi-thick looking and dissipates into a nice coating on the beer.

The aroma is all hops.  It is a very nice hoppy aroma; very fresh smelling.  The smell of hops reminds me of fresh-cut grass, so it is perfect for a summer day.  It makes me want to run through a meadow with a glass of beer and a nice hot pretzel.  It actually reminds me of Outkast…..So Fresh and so clean! (a little corny, but appropriate I think).

As expected, the hoppyness in the aroma is ever-present in the flavor.  It tastes just as fresh as it smells.  There is also a slight bitterness in the finish, but it isn’t overpowering.  It is a nice a kick to show you that this is a quality brew.  There’s some maltyness too, which compliments the hops.

Verdict: Fill It!  This beer was a good buy.  It was very refreshing and enjoyable, I would probably pick this one up again.  I’ll be on the lookout for other beers from Mikkeller because I want to see what else they can do.  If there are any recommendations on Mikkeller brews feel free to let me know.


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