Fill It or Spill It

Uerige Dopplesticke

In Germany on July 8, 2011 at 10:42 pm

This was another beer that I discovered while just browsing the beer aisle.  I never heard of it or seen it before, so naturally I was curious.  I was actually fascinated by the bottle because it looked cool, so I had to have it.  Bottles with flip-top caps always seem cool to me.

The beer pours dark brown with a little bit of tan head.  There isn’t much head; once it dissipates it leaves a light coating on the beer. The carbonation is about average, so nothing really special.  In the glass, this beer looks pretty heavy.

The aroma is smokey and smells like toasted coffee beans.  I get some hints of sweetness, like brown sugar.  The aroma is just ok, it is not enticing at all, which is disappointing.  Usually beer aroma draws me in, but not so much this time around.

The beer felt very slick and surprisingly light for its dark color and smokey flavor.  I would have expect a heavier body beer.  The finish was bitter, which made the beer kind of difficult to enjoy. I don’t mind bitter usually, but the bitterness in this beer was doing nothing for me.  The beer reminded me of flat soda or cold coffee, so it was difficult to enjoy.  The ABV is 8.5%, but again not that enjoyable because it doesn’t taste good.

Verdict: Spill It!  I was not a fan of this beer.  I didn’t have very many expectations for this beer, but I ended up being disappointed.  I just was not into it; none of the complexity of the beer worked for me.  It could partially be because it is so hot today that I probably was in the mood for something more refreshing and lighter, but maybe not.  This beer may require a second chance, but I probably won’t give it a second chance.


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