Fill It or Spill It


In Belgium on July 11, 2011 at 10:56 pm

Lindemans is a good brewery; they make quality beers.  My wife (who I have turned into a beer geek too) is a big fan of their Framboise and other beers.  I enjoy their beers, a different experience that is always fun.  Faro, in my liquor store adventures, isn’t as common as the Framboise or Peche beers, so I try to pick it up when I see it.

This beer pours a nice amber-orange color, with some light head.  It has good carbonation, almost like champagne.  The ABV is 4.2% which is nice when you want a beer, but don’t want a high ABV beer.

The aroma is really nice.  It has a honey sweetness to it, but not pungent sweetness.  It smells like dessert, it makes want to eat cake (is that wrong?)  There is also no sign of alcohol in the aroma.

It is very smooth.  It has good carbonation, so you get that bubbly-tingly feeling on your tongue.  It’s sweet too, but it is subtle and not overpowering.  It has a fruity taste to it, like pears or apples.  I could definitely enjoy more than one of these.  It has a pretty light body so it is very easy to drink.

Verdict: Fill It!  My wife likes to say it is the beer equivalent of champagne and I agree.  I like Lindemans beers, they have great flavors, but tend to be too sweet for me.  I usually only sneak some sips out of my wife’s glass, but I definitely can enjoy a whole glass of Faro.  It is more like a regular beer than the others from Lindemans.  It is perfect for anyone who may not like the taste of “traditional” beers.  I would also say it is a nice introduction to Belgian beers because it shows off the flavors and cool possibilities.  Next time you see one on the shelf, I say pick it up.  It is great to share with that special someone on a date night.


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