Fill It or Spill It

Mauka Makai

In Hawaiian Series on July 31, 2011 at 11:18 pm

(no pic)

I want to apologize for the lack of a picture on this review.  Unfortunately, the pics that I took were a blurry mess and wouldn’t be good enough to post.  

What would you do if someone told you there was a beer brewed with volcanic yeast?  Probably the same thing I’d do….drink it!  On my ongoing beer exploration of Hawaii I stopped in at Kona Brewing Co. on the Big Island to see what they had to offer.  One of their seasonal brews is Mauka/Makai brewed with volcanic yeast that is only found on the island.

The beer poured a very light, clear yellow color.  I couldn’t tell a lot about the head, just that it dissipated almost completely by the time it got to me. The ABV is 6.6%.

The aroma was fascinating.  It was very herbal with an almost a dill-like aroma, which was new to me.  The aroma had a spicy characteristic, I’m sure the new scent had a lot to do with this volcanic yeast (I could be wrong).  I also picked up some light citrus notes as well.

The taste was very interesting, just like the aroma.  It had some light citrus taste and was very refreshing.   The beer tasted kind of spicy; it was subtle and not anything wild.  It was almost like a coriander-ish spice to it.   It was a light body beer that was very easy to drink.

Verdict: Fill It!  The verdict here is completely due to curiosity.  This beer was part of a 4 beer sampler my wife ordered.  She wasn’t too fond of it when she took a swig, so she offered it to me.  How can I turn down a beer?  To be honest, I wasn’t really into it either.   In fairness, since it was part of a sampler, I didn’t have enough of it to really understand it ( I sound like a therapist).  It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t have enough of it to make a definitive verdict one way or the other.  It’s a shame I can’t get my hands on it more easily, I guess those are the breaks.


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