Fill It or Spill It

Lahaina Town Brown

In Hawaiian Series on August 5, 2011 at 11:10 pm

The third beer in the Hawaii series.  Another brew from the fine people over at Maui Brewing.  I tried this at the Maui Brewing Brewpub (review will be up soon). I don’t drink too many brown ales, but I was impressed by the beers I had from Maui Brewing.

This brew pours a nice deep brown color.  It had a frothy, white head that stuck around for a little while.  The head settles  and forms an almost  foam-like coating on the beer.  The carbonation is about average, but the beer showed life.  The ABV is 5.2%, so it was just right with my fish and chips.

The aroma was roasted malts.  The scent of roasted malt was really smelled fresh like the malts had just been roasted and the beer was brewed right before I got there.  I could also pick up some subtle hints of chocolate in the beer, which is always welcomed.

As you can already imagine the taste is all malts.  It had a slick feeling to it.  I like how light it felt without making me feel empty afterwards.  The bitterness wasn’t as strong as I anticipated, which was also good.  I also picked up some chocolate notes that worked well with the roasted malt taste.

Verdict: Fill It! As I mentioned before, I don’t drink a lot of brown ales, but I really like this one.  The brown ales I have always had a muted, but bitter taste that I didn’t like too much.  This brown ale was a nice companion to the dinner I was having over at the brewpub.  If all other brown ales were as enjoyable as this on, I’ll be drinking a lot more of them.  If you are at the brewpub (or can find this somewhere), I would check it out.


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