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Hawaii Beer Spot: Maui Brewing Tasting Room & Brewpub

In Beer Spot, Hawaiian Series on August 8, 2011 at 10:29 pm

You guys are going to get two for one today.  This post is going to be about the Maui Brewing Co.  brewpub and tasting room, which are two different locations.  Like I said before, even on vacation I am going to be on a beer hunt, looking for delicious new beers to try.  What better place to try new beers than a tasting room and a brewpub?

My wife and I wanted to take the brewery tour, since the brewery was really close to where we were staying.  I called up the number to make a reservation for the tour.  The guy who answered the phone said the tour cost $10, but we get a flight of beer (each) and a token for a free beer at the brewpub.  Who is going to say no to that?

We made the short trip to the brewery tasting room and walked in.  The tasting room is basically a cool little bar with a few taps, some merch on the walls, and a cool laid back vibe.  The guy behind the bar was a cool guy, Owen who seemed like somebody you’d want to sit down and have a beer with.

The tour of the brewery was cool, our tour guide Buck was a guy that looked like he had all sorts of beer knowledge.  He told us about the brewery, how the brew, and the importance of sustainability.  Maui Brewing uses cans because it is easily recyclable and keeps broken beer bottles off of the beautiful beaches. In the world we live in, it is great to see people are still out there doing something that helps everyone.  For those of you out there thinking that the beer in the cans probably tastes like aluminum….not true.  The beer inside those Maui Brewing Co. cans is delicious!

After the tour, we went back into the tasting room for a couple of beers.  There was homebrewing talk going on, which is always interesting to listen to.  Owen told us that the brewpub has a bunch of beers on tap and it is a place we definitely had to check out, which you know I did.   Another plus of the tasting room is you can buy some of the appetizing cans seen on the brewery tour.

The brewpub was dope spot.  It has a really laid back feel to it, definitely a place to kick it and just drink beer.  It has tables, picnic tables, or if you prefer a bar with flat screens behind it showing sports.   There was also an over-sized chalkboard with all sorts of beer on it.  I am a little sad I didn’t get to drink them all, but such is life I suppose.

The food menu looked good; pub food.  My wife had the Local Plate, which was pork, rice, and mac salad.  Side note: if you are ever in Hawaii please buy some mac salad, my new favorite side dish.  Mac salad is basically potato salad with macaroni and other miscellaneous ingredients (depending who is making it). I had the fish and chips, which was good.  I had a couple of beers (reviews will be up soon) that I definitely wish I could find back home.

My visit to the Maui Brewing Co. tasting room and brewpub was a great experience.  Next time I am in Maui, you better believe I am stopping in for some beers.  If you are going to be in Maui definitely put these two places on your itinerary.


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