Fill It or Spill It

Amber Waves

In San Francisco on August 21, 2011 at 8:29 pm

During this intermission, I thought I’d do a review of Amber Waves.  On our trip to Hawaii, we were able to spend some time in San Francisco and I was able to visit 21st Amendment Brewery (you know a Beer Spot post is coming).  This beer was actually my second choice because at the brewpub they were all out of the Hell or High Watermelon.  I’ve been on the hunt to try to get some, but have had no luck yet, but  I digress.

Amber Waves had a good amber color, so it stays true to its name.  To be honest, I couldn’t notice a lot of head because it came from tap.  The brewpub was packed, so we were standing and I had start drinking immediately.   The ABV on the big board was 5%, so a good choice with dinner.

The aroma was all malts, nothing crazy, but the always welcomed smell of malts.  There was also some caramel notes as well.

This brew had some good malty bitterness which was just enough for me.  The caramel notes in the aroma also follow the brew in the taste.  The caramel added a slight sweetness, so this brew felt pretty well-balanced. This brew was very drinkable.

Verdict: Fill It!  I liked this amber ale.  I’m sure you can tell because the glass is half full and not the usual full glass shot.   It was the perfect beer to enjoy while my wife and I waited for our table in the brewpub.  It wasn’t too bitter or too light on bitterness.  This is a very solid beer that you guys should try if you get the chance.


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