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Beer Spot: Andy’s Corner Bar

In Beer Spot on August 29, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Everyone wants to have their version of Moe’s Tavern.  For those of you not down with The Simpsons, I will explain.  Moe’s Tavern is Homer Simpson’s go to spot after heroically stopping a meltdown at the power plant or when he has got to work out one of his schemes.  It is the place that offers him what he loves most…  He can go to Moe’s and relax with some buddies.  Moe’s is a place where everyone knows your name (where have I heard that before?)  Andy’s Corner Bar is that kind of place.

Andy’s is by no means dingy and sort of depressing like Moe’s Tavern is; it is actually a cool place to hang out.  The bar is in Bogota, NJ and a is a hidden gem.  It’s not a flashy trendy bar and if you didn’t know it was there, you’d probably drive (or walk) right by it.  Trust me, you’d better make it a point to stop in.

Andy’s has new beers coming in all the time, so the draft list changes pretty constantly.  Especially if there is a cool new beer that is out (first place I had an Ommegang Aphrodite on tap) or some fan favorite.  They also have beers in cask, which is usually a sign that the place knows what it is doing.  They also have a full regular bar with spirits and that sort of stuff.  I’m a beer nerd, so I’m not up on all the spirits they have, but I’ll trust that they have some good stuff available.

There is also a fully stocked beer fridge if you want to switch it up from the drafts and crack a bottle.  Just like the taps, the fridge is always changing and has really good beers.  I’ve had an Aventinus, Southern Tier Creme Brulee, and other stuff I cannot remember.  As an added bonus, you can always take some bottles home with you, if you liked what you saw.

Andy’s also has promo nights from time to time.  Breweries do a tap take over kind of thing and you can sample the tasty goodness they bring with them.  Those are always fun, but you usually want to get there early because it will get full pretty quick.  I was lucky enough to chat with a rep from Ommegang when they were there a while back and the guy (can’t remember his name) talked beer with us.  I’m looking forward to the next promo night.

If you are in Jersey and are looking for a place to have a good beer, make your way to Andy’s Corner Bar.  The owner George, is a nice guy who is usually behind the bar.  He is knowledgeable about beer and will talk beer with you.  I’ve got a link to the Andy’s website at the bottom of the post, so you can check on the latest offerings on tap.  I’ll see you there!


Andy’s Corner Bar

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