Fill It or Spill It

Coconut Porter

In Hawaiian Series on September 3, 2011 at 10:16 pm

Another beer from the good people over at Maui Brewing.  I had this beer as part of the beer flight when I was in the Tasting Room.  It’s an interesting find because you don’t come across too many porters or heavy beers on the islands.  The reason I’m sure is obvious, how many times will you want to be on the beach with a heavy beer?

This brew poured a deep, dark brown color, that was almost black.  The pour had some very creamy beige head which dissipated almost completely, but left some traces.  As you can imagine, the beer didn’t have much action on the carbonation front, but a good amount.  The ABV was reasonable at 6%.

The aroma was really enjoyable.  There was an aroma of roasted malts, so a really good fresh toasted smell to it.  There was also hints of coffee present.  As the name suggests, there are also hints of roasted coconut as well.  The aroma is very subtle, but very enjoyable and was a new experience.  Side note, I had never really been a big fan of coconut before Hawaii, but after the trip I love it.  To find coconut in a beer is awesome because it’s a whole new aroma sensation.

The mouthfeel was pretty substantial, as expected.  It was very creamy and very smooth.  It reminded me of the Seinfeld where George just wanted to drape himself in velvet.  It was just a really soft, creamy beer. I really enjoyed the subtle coconut in the flavor.  There were also hints of chocolate and coffee. I also picked up a slight dryness on the finish.

Verdict: Fill It! Definitely a quality porter.  This was a great change of pace beer in Hawaii.  Most of the beers I had were light and refreshing; good for lounging around on the beach or on the resort.  This beer was also refreshing in its own way and also good for lounging around.  The Coconut Porter was really like a dessert for me on the beach.  Probably wouldn’t have it during the middle of the day on the island, but once the sun goes down and you get that ocean breeze on you, the Coconut Porter will be perfect.  If you can get your hands on it, Fill It!


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