Fill It or Spill It

Lemongrass Luau

In Hawaiian Series on September 5, 2011 at 10:28 pm

This brew from Kona Brewing was a seasonal I had at the brewpub.  I had it on the recommendation of the server because I could not decide what to have.  The server recommended beers that I already tried and said that I would probably like this seasonal.  I never had a lemongrass ginger beer before, but it sounded pretty cool, so I went for it.

The brew poured a clear orange-yellow color and didn’t have a lot of head.  It had a really light coating and some head still present from the pour.  The ABV was 5%, so nothing crazy, but a nice percentage if you are just lounging around.

The aroma was citrus mostly.  To be honest, I’m not sure what lemongrass smells like, but I know lemon and citrus when I smell it.  I could also pick up some really subtle ginger notes, accompanied with a little spicy kick.  I couldn’t tell you what the spices were, but the aroma was balanced nicely between the citrus and little spice kick.

The mouthfeel was light and refreshing.  I picked up the lemon-citrus taste straight away, but it wasn’t overwhelming.  The finish was really light and smooth; another refreshing Hawaiian beer.  There was also a carbonation tingle during each sip, which was good.  The ginger was really subtle and I tried to distinguish it while I was drinking it.  Someone drinking it would have to be really familiar with ginger or (like me) try to pick it up among the citrus.  Very enjoyable.

Verdict: Fill It! This was another refreshing beer from Hawaii.  I would like to have this one again, especially because it is a seasonal that I don’t believe is found in bottles.  The only reason I didn’t try it again at the brewpub was because I wanted to try as many beers as possible, so repeating beers would limit my ability to do that.  It’s a really cool beer; I’m not all that familiar with lemongrass, but it was really good in this beer.  The subtlety of the ginger worked well with the citrus in the beer and added something new to the palette.  If you can find it, Fill It!


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