Fill It or Spill It

Wailua Wheat

In Hawaiian Series on September 20, 2011 at 10:28 pm

This was one of the more interesting beers that I had while in Hawaii.  I had never had passion fruit before in my life, but then I came across Wailua Wheat from Kona Brewing.  I was lucky enough to try this at Kona Brewpub in a beer flight and then for good measure I bought a 6pack of it.

The beer was a pretty translucent yellow color.  The pour didn’t produce a lot of head, but to be honest it was not the best pour of my life either.  The head that I did get was light and it dissipated almost completely.  The carbonation was good; nice and active.  The ABV was 5.4% so nothing crazy, so another one of those kick back and lounge around beers.

The aroma was great.  The aroma as you can imagine was this really nice smell of passion fruit.  It had this nice fruity, citrusy thing going that was really enjoyable.  There was also some wheat notes in the aroma.

Right from the first sip I got the passion fruit flavor which I really liked.  The sweetness is good too because it wasn’t sugary sweet, but this very delicious sweetness that I really liked.   This beer was a very light body beer.  It was very easy to drink and had a slick feel to it. The wheat notes balanced the beer out a bit because it was really light and need something to give it some body.  If it wasn’t for the wheat notes, this might have gotten to the watery side, but very well done.

Verdict: Fill It!  This beer was really enjoyable.  Like I said, I had never had passion fruit before this beer and afterwards I wanted passion fruit on everything.  I would be looking for food and drinks with passion fruit in it.  The passion fruit is something really different and really delicious.  Sometimes exotic ingredients can get away from a beer and either make it gross or overpower, but not the case here.  It is a really nice beer that again is perfect for just lounging around on the island.  Try it if you can find it!


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