Fill It or Spill It

Father Damien

In Hawaiian Series on October 1, 2011 at 11:16 pm


While on the tour of the brewery our guide was talking about the beers he recommends at the brewpub and he mentioned Father Damien.  When someone who works at a brewery recommends a beer that won an award; I tend to take that recommendation. The one odd thing I remember was when I ordered the beer the waitress pointed out that the beer would be served in a snifter.  I don’t know why I remember that or why she would mention it, but I felt sort of self-conscious about it.  Maybe she felt like  I wouldn’t want my beer in a snifter or maybe I would be insulted if it were, who knows.

The beer poured a really deep dark brown-reddish color.  There was not a lot of head in the pour and the carbonation was pretty low.  I was really impressed by the 9.7% ABV.  I didn’t come across a lot of beers with high ABV, so I was pretty thrilled to find one with 9.7% ABV.  Is it wrong to like the high ABV?  I think not!

The aroma was interesting.  It had the dark fruit aroma, raisins and such.  It also had a nice hint of cherries in their.  The 9.7% was not hidden at all in the aroma.  It smelled pretty boozy, which sometimes can be off-putting.  The sweetness and the alcohol wasn’t great, but I still had high hopes for this beer.

The mouthfeel was kind of syrupy; it felt a little bit thick.  It had a medium body, but the syrupyness (I think I saw smoke when the spellcheck checked that one) made it feel heavy.  I picked up the dark fruit sweetness and that was good.  I liked the sweetness, I think it helped take the edge of that 9.7%ABV.

Verdict: Fill It! I thought this was a cool beer.  It was a big beer that I enjoyed more and more as it sat for a while and I slowly worked on it.  It is definitely a sipper though, you’re going to have this when you are going to hang out for a while at the brewpub.  Apparently, this beer was aged in pinot noir barrels, which I thought was cool.  Like all MBC beers, I wish I could buy them somewhere around me, but alas that is not possible.  This is a beer I wish I could buy in a bottle and age it to see what sort of goodness would come out.



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