Fill It or Spill It

Punkin’ Ale

In Delaware on October 9, 2011 at 6:11 pm

I was never really interested in pumpkin beers until this fall.  I had always thought pumpkin smelled weird, so pumpkin beer was probably the same.  I have come to find out (for the most part) I was wrong.  I decided I couldn’t sleep on pumpkin beer anymore and had to start drinking some.  I decided to give the famous DFH Punkin’ Ale a try.

The beer pours a very deep orange-amber, almost brown color.  The head was fizzy and frothy and dissipates very quickly; almost entirely.  The carbonation was average, but had some life to it.  At 7% ABV I was very curious to jump right into this one.

The aroma was new for me; full of spices.  It smelled like autumn; it smelled liked all-spice and pumpkin spices.  I also could pick up the distinct aromas of nutmeg and cinnamon.  It wasn’t overly spicy, but really good.  It had a very warm smell to it; like a being in a cozy, warm house when that autumn chill is outside.

This beer tasted just like it smelled.  I could pick up all the spices, so a fairly intricate taste to it.  I couldn’t really pick up much of a pumpkin taste, which was cool with me.  The pumpkin I’m sure was in there, but subtle enough that it wasn’t gross.  The spices are prominent, but not overwhelming.  The body was light-medium, but more on the light side and very easy to drink.  It wasn’t syrupy and didn’t have any annoying characteristics as I assumed that it could.

Verdict: Fill It! This was a really good beer.  When I say good beer, I don’t just mean a good pumpkin beer, but just a really good beer.  I was afraid that the pumpkin would be weird or too much because sometimes those flavored beers can punch you in the face with flavors, but not the case here.  I’m glad I bought a 4-pack because I definitely want some more.  I could easily go back to back with this brew and not be overwhelmed by flavor.  I can see why this brew always sells out.  Pick one up if you have never had one.  If you have had this, pick some up anyway.

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