Fill It or Spill It

Homebrewing Entry 2

In News on October 16, 2011 at 10:47 pm

It seems as if tragedy struck my peanut butter porter.  I was very excited to try my first homebrew, but when I did, it was not good.  It tasted really bitter and flat; like drinking old coffee.  I was pretty disappointed.  I’m not sure what went wrong because I followed all the instructions and it seemed like it went well.

There have been fluctuations in the temperature the last couple of weeks so I think that’s probably what did my beer in. For a couple of days it was really warm and then it would get breezy.  I was annoyed when the weather said it was going to be warm because I knew temperature is really important for brewing.  I just had to cross my fingers and hope it wouldn’t mess up my beer.

I don’t really know what else it could have been.  I never really saw a whole lot of activity in the airlock, but I read on a couple of blogs and forums that is normal.  I also read that for the first brew I should bottle the beer in plastic 2 liter bottles because one it would be better than having a glass bottle explode (which sounds like it sucks) and I could squeeze the bottle to see if it was carbonating.  I would periodically check the bottle to check its firmness and it was firm the whole time.  Maybe the plastic bottle had something to do with it?

I was not successful on my first try, but I am going to try again.  If anyone reading this has any ideas of what could have gone wrong on my porter, I’d be glad to hear so I can avoid the mistake again.


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