Fill It or Spill It


In New York, Uncategorized on October 21, 2011 at 11:09 pm

(on tap)

During a beer run I saw a cool looking bottle from Ommegang; it was Aphrodite.  I read the label and it said it had raspberry and pear juice; it also had my attention.  I’ve been fascinated by beers with fruit in them lately, so I figured why not.  As a plus, my wife was with me read the bottle and said “oh you should get that”.  Who am I to argue?

The beer poured an interesting purplish-red color.  The carbonation was really active, so this beer was ready to go.  There was a good amount a creamy head.  I thought it was interesting that the head was more creamy than fluffy; why you ask?  I don’t know, just an observation.    The ABV is 8.9% so this brew has some punch to it (which I like).

The aroma was really tart.  It had a really funky, almost vinegar like aroma to it.  The funky aroma wasn’t really enticing, but it had my attention. The aroma was fruity, but on first guess I wouldn’t have picked up raspberry or pear.  I wouldn’t blame that on the beer because those are two pretty obscure smelling fruits.

The taste was tart and gets you right in the back of the throat.  I could pick up the raspberry taste in the tartness which was enjoyable.  I also picked up the subtle pear sweetness which was nice.  The taste was sour and pretty dry. I also picked up a tea-like bitterness.  Not really sure how to describe it, but it had a tea-like finish which was interesting.

Verdict: Fill It!  I had the opportunity to have this beer from the bottle and on tap.  I liked it either way.  I’m not a fan of the funky sour beers, but this one was enjoyable.  It got easier to drink after a few sips, not sure if that’s because of the 8.9% ABV or because it takes a few sips to get accustomed to the tartness.  I am a fan of Ommegang, so I think they did a good job with this beer and I will drink it again.

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