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Beer Book: Brooklyn Brewshop’s Beer Making Book

In Beer Book on November 13, 2011 at 3:38 pm

Welcome to my first beer book review.  I’m always trying to learn new things about beer, so other than drinking it, I decided to read about it.  I decided to buy a book about beer brewing because I am now a homebrewer and I want to learn everything I can.   Since I am still a novice, I buy beer making kits from Brooklyn Brewshop so I can make beer without making something that will cause me to go blind.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Brooklyn Brewshop was putting out a book.  It makes sense that if cooks have cookbooks with recipes then homebrewers should also have a book of recipes.

The book starts with an intro from Erica Shea and Stephen Valand, founders of the Brooklyn Brewshop.  The intro tells the story of Erica and Stephen and how their love of beer making turned into the Brooklyn Brewshop.  Erica and Stephen’s  love of beer and beer making really comes through in the intro and I can tell is very genuine.

The book then goes into an overview of equipment needed to make beer, goes over the ingredients and the steps to beer making.  One of my favorite things about the book is the explanation of the different types of hops.  Everyone knows what hops are, but not everyone may know the difference or which hops give what kind of flavors.  I thought that was pretty dope.

The recipes are all arranged in the book by season, which I thought was awesome.  Each recipe has its own little intro and a 5 gallon variation.  There are also food pairing recommendations for each beer; for all the foodies out there.  Peppered throughout the book are really cool things like recipes for making food with beer, tips on how to grow hops, and other cool things.  The book is written in a really easy to read, conversational style.  It’s not like other beer books that I’ve gone through where the explanations of things are really wordy and boring.

Verdict: Read It! (the book equivalent of a Fill It!)  I liked this book and if you are a homebrewer you should buy it.  It is not a huge book, but is filled with tons of stuff.  Reading this book is like talking to some buddies about making beer.  It has some recipes you probably haven’t seen before like a “Coffee and Donut Stout” and a “Lobster Saison”.  The first beer I’m going to try is the “Lady Lavender”.  I tried it at the Brooklyn Pour event a few weeks ago and it was awesome.  Go buy it!


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