Fill It or Spill It

Imperial Pumking

In New York on November 24, 2011 at 9:41 pm

Winter is approaching fast so I’m having as many fall beers as I can.  This season I am really into pumpkin beers and I’m getting my fill while I can.  Pumking comes to us from Southern Tier, a brewery that is always full of surprises.  I wanted to see what their take on pumpkin would be.  This is the same brewery that made a creme brulee beer.  I’ll just repeat that for you, they made a creme brulee beer!  A brewery that can turn a fancy-pants dessert into beer has my attention.

The beer poured a nice clear orange-amber color.  Most of the pumpkin beers I’ve had pour a brownish color, so it was nice to see an orange pumpkin beer.  There was a respectable amount of head that was fizzy and dissipated quickly.  The head dissipated almost completely, but leaves a ring of head on the inside of the glass.

The aroma is all pumpkin.  It was an interesting aroma because I’m used to pumpkin beers smelling like spices and such, so it was new to smell actual pumpkin.  It also made me a little nervous because eating actual pumpkin is kind of gross to me and I was hoping this beer didn’t taste as pumpkin-y as it smelled.  Besides pumpkin aroma there was also some sweetness in the nose.   The aroma had a caramel sweetness to it. The ABV on this brew was a hefty 8.6%.

The first sip was very enjoyable.  I got the pumpkin flavor and was really relieved it didn’t taste like gross pumpkin.  The pumpkin-y taste was balanced well with the caramel sweetness in the beer.  There was also a little maltyness to it, which added a little dry lingering taste.  This was a medium bodied beer, but a little on the lighter side of medium.  The finish was nice with pumpkin flavor and the sweetness mixed in there.

Verdict: Fill It!  This beer was a new pumpkin experience.  Any time I have a brew from Southern Tier, it’s always something new.  I really liked this beer because it was a different take on pumpkin.  The actual pumpkin taste was a change-up for me, but it was enjoyable.  I probably wouldn’t be able to have more than one at a time because it has a lot of flavor to it or I’d really have to be in the mood for it.  It’s a nice way to end the night after a hearty meal on a chilly autumn night or just cuz you feel like drinking a beer.



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