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Beer Spot: Dogfish Head Brewpub

In Delaware on November 27, 2011 at 10:25 pm


My wife and I decided to do a long weekend for the THanksgiving weekend.  One of the stops on our trip was the Dogfish brewpub.  I must admit DFH is  my favorite brewery because they do so many different things with beer.  I don’t like all of their beers, not because they aren’t quality beers, but usually because it’s just not something for me.  I respect the chances they take and all the different stuff they do.  If you are one of the 6 people who visited the Fill It or Spill It facebook page (if you aren’t then you should “like it” because it is the right thing to do) then you saw the Ace Ventura quote and its true.

Me and the wife decided it’d be a good idea to get to the brewpub at 12ish because the brewpub opens at 12pm for lunch and we wanted to do visit the shopping outlets nearby.  We got there at about 12:30 and the place was full and there was a wait to be seated.  I don’t know if people were lined-up for the place to open or if it was because it was the holiday weekend, but I was a little surprised.  There were other people waiting to be seated and they were enjoying some beers outside waiting.  It was a really nice day so no biggie.

One of the cool things about the brewpub was the merch shop.  Outside in the waiting area, they have a little merch shop with dogfish gear and stuff, but you can also buy beer; either a 4pack or growler.  I saw a few people go up to the shop with 2 growlers in hand for a refill.  It was almost like a drive-thru.  How awesome is it that you can go to DFH and refill your growler?  And in case you were wondering, yes I did buy stuff at the merch shop.  I bought some of their beer soap and a 4pack of Immort Ale.

After about 10min, we got seated so the wait was short.  The brewpub had a real chill feel to it.  It’s definitely a place to go and kick it with a bunch of people.  We got seated in the outdoor area which was cool because they had the beer artwork posted on the walls outside in the patio area (I guess you would call it).  They had the big chalk board with some classics like the Raison and 90min and some stuff I really wanted to try.  I decided to go with a sampler to get the most bang for my buck.  I got the Bitches Brew, Chicory Stout, Tweason Ale, Festina Peche, and Midas Touch. The Tweason and Chicory were my favorite beers.  I also got a 75min IPA from cask (review up soon).   Rumor has it the Tweason is going to be bottled and I’m hoping it is because it is delicious.

The food was really good.  I got a steak and fries because I’m a meat and potatoes guy and it was good.  My wife got a salad of some kind and she seemed to like it.  We debated about getting desert because we were stuffed and had been drinking beer, but the Raison sundae with brownie sounded amazing, so I made the executive decision and ordered it.  What a great idea!  The Raison ice cream was delicious and so was the brownie.  I felt like a slob because I just wanted to jam my face in the plate to eat.  If you are at the brewpub, do yourself a favor and order it.

Needless to say, me and the wife did not make it to the outlets.  We were on a Dogfish high and decided to call it a day.  My only regret was not being able to make it to the brewery for the tour.  Our weekend was a sort of last-minute idea and by the time we tried to get tickets for the tour we were S.O.L.  Next time I’ll get my tickets in advance and make it to the brewery.  The brewpub is definitely a must see.  It’s not anything out of this world for anyone who isn’t a beer geek, but for me it made the trip.



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  2. Wanted to drop a remark and let you know your Rss feed isnt functioning today. I tried adding it to my Google reader account but got nothing.

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