Fill It or Spill It


In New York on January 1, 2012 at 10:04 pm

First post of 2012!   Thanks for joining me for another beer filled year.  I am aware that saying “beer filled year” would sound weird to regular people, but since beer nerds read this (and those who love them); I’m not worried.

To bring in the new year I had to pick “the chosen beer” from He’Brew. I’ve had a couple Schmaltz beers before but from their Coney Island line and they were pretty good.  I’ve read a few positive reviews about Rejewvenator and I put it on my beer radar.

The beer pours a rich brown color.  The color reminded me of really nice leather for some reason.  There was not a lot of head on the beer.  The little bit of head there was an off-white, beige color that dissipated quickly.  There wasn’t a lot of carbonation in the beer; it looked like it meant business.

The aroma was really good.  It had that dark fruit sweetness to it, it had a lot of date/raisin sweetness to it.  There was also a little maltyness in there.  I believe the one I got my hands on was 2010 bottle, so the ABV was 8.2%.

The taste was interesting.  I liked the dark fruit sweetness.  There was also a grape-like dry-sweetness from the concord grape juice.  The maltyness was also present and added a different kind of dryness to the finish.    The mouthfeel was a little strange a medium bodied beer, but it had almost a flat soda kind of slickness to it. It was borderline syrupy, but didn’t cross over into the gross syrupy area.

Verdict: Fill It.  (absence of the !) I didn’t give this beer a Spill It because it was oddly complex and I want to give it another chance.  My plan is to find another one, ideally another 2010, and do a re-visit review.  This beer is half doppelbock and half dubbel, so it is not a great example of either, but together it makes for an interesting beer.  Fans of either style might be let down, but you can’t judge this brew as one or the other, you have to judge it as the hybrid it is.  Props to Schmaltz for taking a chance and doing a doing a beer like this.  I’ll put this brew back on my radar, you should do the same.


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