Fill It or Spill It

Moo Thunder

In New York on January 21, 2012 at 8:33 pm

As the seasons change, so does my beer mood.  So with the winter chill kicking in, I have to keep warm with stouts.  I’m a sucker for cool art work on bottles (in this case cans) and I picked Moo Thunder.  The artwork isn’t super detailed or very artsy, but I think its cool.  It is a very happy looking jumping cow.  This was my first stout from the good folks at Butternuts.

This beer poured black with a little head. The head was very creamy and tan in color, so it looked like a good stout.  The head dissipated fairly quickly and settled with a light dusting on the beer.  The ABV is pretty light on this stout, 4.9%.  At such a light ABV, it’s a good reason to knock back a couple of these.

The aroma was very enjoyable.  The nose had a nice roastyness to it, along with some subtle coffee notes.  I could definitely pick up the chocolate malts in this stout, accompanied by faint vanilla notes.  It took me a little while to key in on the vanilla, but I picked up on it.

The first sip was good.  I hadn’t had a stout in a little bit, so I was subconsciously prepared for some of the trademark stout bitterness, but I got hit with the sweetness of the milk stout.  Definitely taste the chocolate and coffee notes, but it wasn’t over the top; nice balance.  It had a nice full body with a slight carbonation tingle that was surprising.  The actually mouth feel was good to because it wasn’t thick feeling and just the right amount of creaminess. There was also a slight butteryness (that’s definitely a made-up word) to the finish.   It was an interesting finish.

Verdict: Fill It! I really liked this milk stout.  It had some character and was very easy to drink.  It wasn’t very filling, so I could have put down a couple more of these bad boys.  I’m going to keep my eyes peeled and pick up a few more of these.  I know there might be a few readers out there skeptical because it comes out of a can, but don’t let that old metallic can taste myth dissuade yet.  It is a myth by the way.   Beer cans don’t give beer a metallic taste and if you think they do..think about this…..most draft beers come out of a metal keg.  So don’t sleep on canned beers, especially if they taste good like Moo Thunder!


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