Fill It or Spill It

Gran Met

In Pennsylvania on April 2, 2012 at 9:49 pm

This was my first beer from Voodoo Brewing.  I picked it up just because I liked the art work, so another impulse buy.  The art work was some old school graffiti.  It made me feel like bumping some Run DMC and throw on some shell-toes.  I had been in the mood for a Belgian beer, but I didn’t want to go with the usual suspects, so why not dabble in some Voodoo when I am feeling adventurous?

The beer poured a hazy orange color.  It was on the lighter side of amber more than I orange I suppose.  I didn’t get a whole lot of head on the pour, but the carbonation was very lively.  The head dissipated very quickly and left only a light dusting on the top of the beer.  Gran Met weighs in at 9.5% ABV so I took my time with it.

The aroma was interesting.  I got the floral hops which I always enjoy, along with some sweetness.  The sweetness in the beer was interesting because it wasn’t your normal fruity or sugary sweetness.  Apparently, they used beet sugar (which is new to me) in this brew, so that must have been the sweetness I picked up.  At 9.5% ABV, it didn’t smell boozy at all.

The taste was very smooth.  First thing that surprised me was how well the alcohol was hidden.  I couldn’t pick it up too much, which could lead to very deep sleep.  The mysterious sweetness was also evident in the taste, not really sure how to describe it. The sweetness was just different.  There was also some yeastyness (that sounds like a gross word) to it, as well as some enjoyable spice notes to it. The body was surprisingly light.  I expected it to be on the thick, syrupy side because of the sweetness, but it went down very easily.

Verdict: Fill It! This beer was strange, but in a good way.  Half way through I was debating whether I liked it or not.  While doing this post, I was still debating as to what the final verdict would be!  I had to give this a Fill It because of its moxy.  Do beers actually have moxy?  Who knows, but its my blog and I had the odd urge to use the word moxy.  The sweetness was interesting in a good way, but was almost off-putting.  It’s not the best tripel I’ve ever had, but interesting enough that it is worth a try and I will most likely pick up another one.  The magic from Voodoo Brewing worked on me.  I say go out grab a Gran Met and have a weird debate by yourself about beer too!

  1. Loved the review. Tripels are fairly new to me and I, too, had similar reactions as to whether or not I liked them. But the more that I learn and sample, the more excited I am because I think I may have found one of my top styles of beer! I will definitely be looking for Gran Met to further my “studies” on tripels.

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