Fill It or Spill It

Norwegian Wood

In Norway on April 8, 2012 at 9:48 pm

This was another impulse buy beer.  I was on a beer run and I had already grabbed what I wanted.  I noticed this beer on the shelf and it grabbed my attention.  Anyone reading this knows by now I don’t usually pass up a beer that makes me wonder, so I added it to my checkout.  I’ve never had a Norwegian beer or anything from HaandBryggeriet, so I wanted to find out what they had brewing.

This beer had a brown color and poured a very respectable amount of tan-colored head.  The head actually retained for quite a while, which was surprising.  On a side note, I haven’t had a lot of beers lately that had head which lasted for a while.  Not a big deal or a particularly insightful observation, but an observation nonetheless that I wanted to share with you.  Norwegian Wood had a 6.5% ABV, so having one of these wouldn’t be a big deal because this bottle is smaller than the regular 750ml bottle. So, you could enjoy one watching The Usual Suspects like I did.  Best movie ever by the way.

The aroma was really smokey.  Oddly enough, this beer actually smelled like beef jerky.  It was really strange, it had a really beefy aroma to it.  It is supposed to have berries and juniper twigs, but i couldn’t pick up any sweetness.  It was all malts and smoke.  I actually enjoyed the smokeyness because it was different and not something I come across a lot.

The taste was just as smokey as the aroma.  I could definitely taste the woodiness of the beer and the smoked malts.  I could also pick up the chocolate malts right before the finish starts to kick in.  It actually tasted like beef jerky which was messing with my senses.  I enjoyed the smokeyness at first, but then it started to become overwhelming.  After a while, the smokeyness took over the beer and washed right over any subtlety of flavors.

Verdict: Spill It!  This beer became really hard to drink after a few sips.  I’m not a fan of smokey beers and this beer didn’t do anything to convince me otherwise.  The smokeyness became really heavy and washed out any other subtleties in the beer.  I’m a carnivore and I love eating a good steak, but I don’t want a beer that tastes like beef jerky.  Not to say this beer is supposed to taste like beef jerky, but it does and I didn’t like it.  If you like rauchbiers or smokey beers, than you may like this, but I will not be buying this again.


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