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I got tagged by The Dogs of Beer (cool beer blog check it out) and I wanted to participate.  I got an email with a bunch of questions and I have to come up with some of my own.   Feel free to answer my questions with a comments reply.  Enjoy the randomness!


Your first beer:  Sadly, it was probably a Coors Light.  It’s big at family events.

Your first good beer:  Samuel Adams Summer Ale.  Sam Adams was my intro to craft beer.

Your favorite BBQ joint?  Fette Sau in Brooklyn NY.  Crazy wait in line, but awesome food.

Which childhood star most influenced you?  George Carlin.  I attribute some of my cynicism and attention to language to him.

Would you rather listen to Exile on Main St. or Sgt. Pepper’s?  Neither.  If it’s old school music we’re talking about I’ll go with some Hector Lavoe.  Do yourself a favor and google him.

Which is better: or Meh.

To the extent divulging it would not reveal top-secret, upcoming reviews…what beers are in your fridge right now? I’ve got some homebrew milk stout, DFH 120 that I am saving for a while, Portamarillo that I am saving, Tweason Ale, Goose Island Sofie, and some other stuff.

Dogs of Beer Questions:

You win a contest.  A truck will drive to your house once a week and drop off a case of beer.  In a perfect world, what would the beer be?  In a perfect world I would pick a different beer every week.  For the first week, I would start off with some La Trappe Quad, then week 2 would be Portamarillo, Orval and then whatever else my little beer drinking heart desires.

The one place you wish they would allow you to drink beer is? Work and they would pay for it and not ask me to do any work….just drink beer.

What’s the one VHS tape you own(ed) (or cassette tape) that you wish you had on DVD (or CD) now? The VHS of my Kung-Fu tournament when I was like 10.  I didn’t win or anything, but it would just be cool to see it whenever I want.

Do you prefer to be the one who cooks, or the one who cleans up?  Neither, but I help with both.

David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar? David Lee Roth cuz he’s a crazy old lady.  Sammy Hagar’s airport restaurant wasn’t very good so he lost points.

Go to the movies or catch it on DVD? On DVD…I can’t drink beer at the movies.

What’s the one thing you really like that you’d really love to post about in your blog, but you don’t because it doesn’t really fit the overall theme?  Random thoughts about random things.

My Questions:

Stout or Porter? I’ll go stout

If you could work at any brewery for the day and create your own beer…..where would it be and what would you make? I’d go to Westvleteren.  I’ve never been to Belgium or had one of the famous beers, but I’d like to make a Trappist Stout.  How cool would that be?

What’s the coolest beer name you have ever seen? Loser Pale Ale (just did a post so it’s on my mind)

What’s the worst beer you have ever had? St. Ides.  Don’t ask why I ever tried that.

If you could give any living celebrity a beer…who would it be and what would you give them?  I’d give LeBron James a Flying Dog Raging Bitch.  I’m a ticked-off Knicks fan and you have to admit that’s funny!

What’s the weirdest place you ever had a beer?  I went to the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show a few weeks ago and was able to enjoy an amazing show with a beer.


Thanks for making it this far.  Cheers!



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