Fill It or Spill It


In Washington on April 29, 2012 at 8:43 pm

This was probably one of the cooler looking beers I’ve picked up in a while.  Loser Pale Ale comes to us from Elysian Brewing Co in Washington.  The simple statement on the bottle caught my eye and I had to take it home.  I love seeing “Corporate Beer Still Sucks” on a beer because it is true.  Especially since corporate beer companies just come up with stupid gimmicks like the new “punch top” beer can for a smoother pour (whatever that means) that annoy me.   Back to the beer.

The beer poured an orange color with a lot of frothy white head.  The head slowly melted away and had good retention.  The ABV was 7% so just enough to get a good buzz going.  Nice beer to park yourself in front of the TV with and watch some History Channel.

The was nose had good floral hoppiness.  There was also some sweet notes to the aroma as well; a very light fruity sweetness.  I could also a little bit of malt in the nose which gave the aroma a nice balance.

The taste was very similar to the nose.  An enjoyable amount of hoppiness with a bitter bite to it, but with good sweetness to balance it out.  A  full-bodied beer that had a  sturdy mouthfeel to it.  I was a little afraid that it might be syrupy and kind of filling because of the sweetness, but I was proven wrong.  I couldn’t pick up the 7%ABV which made this an easy drink.

Verdict:  Fill It!  This was my first beer from Elysian and it made me want to buy something else.  It may not be the greatest pale ale ever, but it was good.  It definitely gets points for the label.  It’s probably a good default pale ale if you don’t recognize anything on a beer menu or if you don’t like what you see.  Although, around here Elysian isn’t that easy to find.  It’s a solid beer from what seems to be a cool brewery.  I’ll leave you with a cheesy one-liner:  If you pick this Loser, you won’t be disappointed!


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