Fill It or Spill It

Ten Fidy

In Colorado on May 8, 2012 at 9:59 pm

Like all beer nerds, I keep my ear ear to the streets for the latest beer releases.  For the last couple of weeks, I kept hearing about Ten Fidy from Oskar Blues, so I went in search of it.  Oskar Blues, for those that don’t know, is from Colorado and does quality canned beer.  With all the buzz about Ten Fidy, I was pretty excited when I got my hands on a can, it happened to be the last can on the shelf, so this post was meant to be.

As expected, the beer poured an almost completely black color with a little bit of brown head.  There wasn’t a whole lot of retention and the head dissipated quickly and completely with no trace left on the beer.  This a pretty big beer, weighing in at 10.5% ABV, so definitely a beer to spend some time with.

The aroma was full of stouty goodness.  The aroma had some chocolate notes, along with an enjoyable roasted aroma.  For such a high ABV imperial stout, the alcohol was well hidden in the aroma.

This beer was very smooth going down.  The chocolate notes were right upfront along with some of the roasted notes.  I like the maltyness that was present in the beer as well.  It wasn’t too malty and didn’t have too much roast, which I liked.   There was a light bitterness on the tail end of finish accompanied with a subtle alcohol kick.  There was also an alcohol warmth that lingered after each sip, which was interesting and strangely comforting.  Why you ask? I don’t know, it just felt that way.

Verdict: Fill It!  This could be my new favorite stout, it was right on with all the flavors.  The alcohol didn’t overpower the beer (or me) and made for a really enjoyable stout.  I almost wish it wasn’t so high in ABV so I could have had another one, but then again probably not because then it wouldn’t be Ten Fidy.  I am already looking for this on draft somewhere and I am looking to score another can at the very least.  Go put your hands on this can, you’ll like it!

  1. I still love the simple, very effective rating system you have here! This one is on my Untappd wish list!

    • Thanks….I missed out on some recently that was aged in wild turkey barrels…..hopefully next time around

  2. I searched this one out after I saw it on someone’s list of “Ten High Alcohol Beers You Have to Try” or some such thing. I was familiar with OB because of their Old Chub, but hadn’t had anything else by them. Like you, I loved this beer. Great review.

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