Fill It or Spill It

Westvleteren 6

In Belgium on May 19, 2012 at 2:41 pm


The word Westvleteren sends a shiver down the spine of all beer nerds.  For those that don’t know,  its a Trappist brewery in Belgium that makes hard to find beers that are known as some of the best in the world.  You can only imagine my excitement when a friend gave me one as a gift. 

The appearance of the single bottle just felt special.  On the bottle the word “trappist ” is imprinted on the glass and nothing else.  The only other identifying item on the beer is the green cap. 

The beer poured a cloudy, pale, yellow color.  There was plenty of fluffy white head that had really good retention.  Once it started to dissipate, it settles to a bubbly froth.  The ABV was light at about 5%, so if I had more than one,  I’d be chillin.

The aroma was that expected Belgian yeast right upfront.  There was a good amount of fruity hops in the nose along with some apple fruityness.

The first sip was really good.  There was a good hoppy kick at the start that was accompanied by some of that Belgian yeast.  It finishes a little bitter but that isn’t a bad thing.  I could also pick up some of that apple sweetness too.  Very easy to drink and I could see myself cooling off with one of these on a warm day.  Then again, I could see myself drinking one on any day.

Verdict: Fill It!   This was a great beer and easily the best Blonde I’ve had.  It was quite complex with all of the flavors happening in the beer.  It was like a really good movie, when I was done I wanted to go back again to see what I missed.  Alas, I only had the one but it was fun while it lasted.  It made me want to get my hands on all the Westvleterns and so the search continues……

  1. I. Am. BEYOND. Jealous. How exactly did your friend get hold of one?

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