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Beer Spot: Three Wise Monks

In Beer Spot, Uncategorized on May 28, 2012 at 9:35 pm

I haven’t done a beer spot post in a little bit, so this long weekend gave me a great opportunity.  A beer nerd’s search for good beer and good places to find beer is never over.  A friend of mine told me about Three Wise Monks, a new beer place that was having a grand opening.  I missed the grand opening, but I made it a goal to visit the place.

Three Wise Monks is located in Garfield, NJ.  The bar sits on the corner of Outwater Lane, so it was really easy to find.  The giant blackboard beer list is a staple of any beer bar.  There were a couple of standouts on the board that made me feel like I was in the right place for a beer.  One of the standout beers was DFH World Wide Stout!  They also had Lost Abbey’s Avant Garde on tap, which was dope because until now I have only seen Lost Abbey beers in the 750ml bottles. So, my friend and I started off the night with some Lost Abbey.

We sat at the bar watching the Spurs vs. Thunder game and started to talk to the bartender.  It turns out the guy behind the bar was Brian, one of the owners.  He was a cool guy who started talking beer with us.  Brian is also a homebrewer, so we talked about homebrewing and all that comes with it.  He also told us something cool about the decor of the bar.  It turns out the wooden barrels that adorned the bar actually came from Weyerbacher, which I thought was awesome.  Brian also told us about the recent Kane Brewing Co. night and more Kane Brewing itself.  So, naturally the next beer we chose was a red rye beer from Kane.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of beer bars in the area.  I either have to take a long drive somewhere or I have to head into NYC to find good beer.  Three Wise Monks just gave me a place where I can find a good beer and don’t have to go completely out of my way for it.  Brian made my friend and I feel like we had been coming to this place for years.  The beer selection was good and had something for everybody.  It’s also great to go to a beer place and talk about beer with the person that is pouring it.  I’m looking forward to seeing what other brewery nights they have because I probably won’t miss the next one.  If you are in Garfield, NJ (or close by) you should stop in for a beer.  You might just see me there!

  1. Kane doesn’t make a Red Rye, but Carton does. Either way, good stuff and Three Monk’s is in the NJCB Membership Club and offers our members, great deals!

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