Fill It or Spill It

Claymore Scotch Ale

In Colorado on July 8, 2012 at 7:37 pm

This beer is another introduction beer for me.  It’s the first beer I have had from Great Divide that I was able to sit down and enjoy.  I’ve had GD beers at different beerfests, but we all know at a certain point during beerfests the flavors all start to blend into one taste.  I saw some of their other beers such as Titan IPA or the Yeti, but I wasn’t in the mood for either one, so I went with this one.

The beer poured almost completely black with very little head.  There wasn’t much of the light tan head, so it dissipated almost immediately.  The dark color kept me from noticing anything about the carbonation, but all signs pointed to it being just fine.  The ABV was 7.7%, so it borders that fine line between my preferred 7% ABV and being a sipper.

The aroma was very warm, enjoyable, and roasty.  There was also some maltyness in the nose that was evened out by some subtle, caramel sweetness.  The alcohol was present too, but barely noticeable.

The first sip was nice and roasty just like the aroma.  The roasty notes were accompanied by a little bit of smokeyness in the finish.  I liked the mixture of the caramel sweetness and maltyness.  A well-balanced and full-bodied beer.  Sometimes the wrong scotch ale gets syrupy and heavy, but none of that going on here.  I liked the simple, but complex nature of the flavors in this brew.

Verdict: Fill It!  I really enjoyed sipping this beer.  It was a very good scotch ale and I will try to get my hands on some more of it.   On the non-beer drinking side, I like the brewery’s cleverness.  The name of the beer is a reference to a Scottish sword and their online HopShop has some cool looking GD gear.  Any online brewery store with a baby’s onesie  on sale is ok in my book.  Hopefully, more Great Divide beers find their way to the area, so I can see what else they’ve got to offer.


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