Fill It or Spill It

Dym Z Byka

In New Jersey on July 29, 2012 at 11:36 pm

In my last “Met The Brewer” post, I told you about meeting Bob from Bolero Snort Brewery.  He was cool enough to let me have a couple of beers to try and the first beer I wanted to try was the Dym Z Byka.  This was a Polish Grodziskie style beer, which is a smoked wheat beer and to be honest I was little unsure about it.  I’ve had unpleasant experiences with smokey beers that literally left a bad taste in my mouth.  Since Bob and the other Bolero Snort beers I’ve had were all good, I had to trust him on this one.

The beer poured a clear yellow with a little bit of an orange hue to it.  It had tons of fluffy white head that dissipated pretty steadily and left a little mound of head on the top of the beer.  The head eventually settled to a light dusting on the top of the beer.  This beer was pretty light on the ABV, weighing in at only 3% which was surprising, but a welcomed break from the high ABV beers that have come to become the norm.

The aroma was really interesting.  As expected, the aroma was really smokey and smelled almost like bacon or some kind of smoked meat.  On the label, there was a pairing note that said it goes great with eggs and I can believe it.  Bob told me the aroma of the beer comes entirely from the malt used which was 100% oak smoked wheat.  I couldn’t pick up too much else in the nose except for the smokey and meaty quality of the beer.

The beer tasted just liked it smelled.  It was very smokey and rich tasting with some solid bitterness built into it.  The meaty quality of the beer was present with what seemed to be a few peppery notes mixed in.  It was really smooth and was a surprisingly easy to drink beer.  I was afraid that the meaty quality of the beer would get to be too much, but not at all.  It was like enjoying a really good brat on a late afternoon without the fuss of high sodium and cholesterol.

Verdict: Fill It!  In case you didn’t speak Polish, Dym Z Byka means “Smoke of the Bull”.  This beer was a great sensory experience.  The beer smelled like and tasted just like food, but it was just a really good beer.  This was a well crafted, very flavorful beer that I enjoyed.    Thanks to Bolero Snort for restoring my confidence in smokey beers.  Cheers!

  1. Really enjoying the post on these guys! Somehow, I think beer tastes better when you get to meet the guys that brew it!

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