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Beer Spot: Maguire’s

In Beer Spot, Ireland Series on September 30, 2012 at 9:31 pm

A funny thing happened to me while in Ireland…..I stumbled upon a cool beer bar.  After a day on the River Shannon, my wife and I needed to get some food.  So, we made our way to a place called The Left Bank Bistro.  We had seen this restaurant while exploring Athlone and it seemed pretty cool.  It had a cool looking menu and a nice selection of wines.  I figured wine would be a nice change of pace from all the Guinness I was drinking, so we made our way to dinner.

The Left Bank Bistro actually had a couple Irish craft beers which was awesome because it was more of a wine place.  So, I accidentally found craft beer in a wine place, what are the odds?  The post is a review titled Maguire’s, why am I mentioning The Left Bank Bistro?  Well hidden gems can sometimes only be found with help from helpful, local guides.  Plus it doesn’t hurt to give you a bonus place.  The food was delicious, so if ever in Athlone check it out.

Back to my review.  While ordering my beers and talking to the very nice waitress, she told me if I like beer to go up the road to Maguire’s.  She told me they had a really good beer selection and I would enjoy it.

After dinner, my wife and I made our way up the road to Maguire’s.  One of the things I enjoyed about Ireland is even walking up the road is cool.  As you walk down the streets, you can appreciate the history and what sort of amazing things you can find.  Maguire’s was one of them.  It is an unassuming place and it looked like all other pubs, but there was definitely a difference.

When we sat down the owner of Maguire’s gave us a friendly greeting.  I told him I was looking for some good craft beer and I heard his place was THE place.  He started to talk to me about the Irish beer scene and the large selection of beer he has in his bar.  There was a nice selection, respectable by any beer nerd.  He had the Orval to Goose Island and everything in between.  While talking to the owner, I could tell he was a fellow beer nerd.  He would talk to me about how he is hoping to do his part to change people’s perception about beer in Ireland.  He was trying to open up their minds to new beers not just the usual pub fixtures.

It was really awesome to find a beer bar.  Not only a beer bar, but a beer lover’s bar where the owner really loves beer and was a cool guy.    It was a place I would frequent if I lived in Athlone.  It was a really laid back place with good beer.  If you are in Athlone or close by you should stop in Maguire’s.  Trust me, pubs are everywhere but cool beer places aren’t.  Cheers!

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