Fill It or Spill It

Wooden Beanie

In New Jersey on October 28, 2012 at 7:06 pm

There are few things better (in the beer world at least) than having a beer from a brewer you know.  Wooden Beanie comes from BOAKS Beer and Brian Boak.  If you have read previous posts, you’ll know that I’ve had the chance to meet Brian on a couple of occasions.  Wooden Beanie is not a regular beer and only gets released occasionally.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brian at a BOAKS Beer event a few months ago and tried this beer.

Wooden Beanie poured dark brown with some reddish hues and some fizzy white head.  The head dissipated quickly and almost entirely with some slight coating left behind.  With an ABV of 7%, this beer is exactly where I like it.  Just enough ABV kick, but not too much that I couldn’t have another one if I wanted.

This beer was aromatic.  It’s aged in Jack Daniels barrels with Madagascar vanilla beans, so tons of aroma.  The JD aroma was enhanced nicely by the vanilla beans and compliments the vanilla notes from the JD barrels.  The woodiness from the barrel aging adds a little umph to the aroma.

A note about this beer: the base beer that is aged in the JD barrels is BOAKS Two Blind Monks, which is a dubbel.  This was another beer that tasted just like it smelled.  Upfront I got some malty flavors mixed with dark fruits.  The vanilla notes worked quite well with the dark fruits and added just enough to the sweetness.  The woodiness was also a nice addition to all the flavors of the beer.  The body is surprisingly light for a dubbel, which made this easy to drink and could be sessionable for a brave soul.

Verdict: Fill It!  Wooden Beanie is a really cool beer.  Just like most, I’m a fan of Belgian styles and this is a cool take on a dubbel.  The mix of barrel aging and vanilla beans adds complexity to an already tasty beer.  The one downside is Wooden Beanie isn’t always available, but I guess that adds to the fun of this beer.  It’s a treat to have this beer, so I would suggest you try some if you see it on tap.  Who knows, you might see me having one too!  Support your local brewers!


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