Fill It or Spill It

Three Sixty Five (365)

In New Jersey on December 23, 2012 at 9:00 pm


To commemorate their first year Kane Brewing created 365.  Kane Brewing is  a New Jersey brewery, so I’m always excited to see what our Jersey brewers can do.  I’m a fan of the beers Kane has put out so when I heard they were doing a limited release I had to find it.  I read about it online and had to have it.  This beer is 70% quad and 30% imperial stout, which are awesome beers to combine.

The beer poured a really dark brown color, so I could definitely tell it was part stout.  It obviously wasn’t as thick as a stout, but still had some reddish hues from the quad.  It had some really big. fluffy tan head that dissipated slowly and left nice lacing on the glass.  This beer is really big on ABV at 11.2%, so definitely a sipper.

The aroma was quite complex.  It had the dark, roasty notes from the imperial stout.  It also had some subtle sweetness from the chocolate malts.  Some of the sweetness also probably came from the aging in bourbon barrels.  There was also some prominent dark fruit sweetness that complimented the chocolate in the nose.  The aroma was cool because you got the best of both types of beers in one glass.

The taste was equally complex.  I thought it would be a lot heavier with the imperial stout, but it wasn’t.  It had the stout chocolate notes upfront complimented by the quad dark fruits.  The alcohol was pretty prominent, but there was no getting away from it.  The alcohol was a reminder that this was a serious beer.  The body of the beer was nice because it had a slight viscous body, but still light enough to not be really filling.

Verdict: Fill It!  Did you think the verdict on this beer would be anything else?  This beer had everything I love about beer.  It was complex, satisfying, and memorable.  The creativity of mixing the two styles of beer, in such a nice ratio is a credit to Kane and the good work they do.  I had to buy a bottle just for aging because after drinking it, I’m really curious of how this bad boy will age.  I’m a big fan of Kane and the beer they are putting out.  I can’t wait until they do some other craziness with beer or at least until I try another one of their beers.  Support your local brewers!


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