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Spain Series – Beer Spot: Fabrica Maravillas

In Beer Spot, Spain Series on May 6, 2013 at 11:01 pm

My latest beer adventure took me to Spain.  Spain is more known for paella and sangria than it is for beer, but that didn’t stop me for searching for good beer.   After doing some research on the beer scene in Spain, I got excited because there seemed to be no shortage of beer places.  Bottle shops, brew pubs, beer bars, Spain seemed to have it all.  One of my stops in Spain was Madrid and that is when I found Fabrica Maravillas.


Fabrica Maravillas seemed like a really cool brewpub in Madrid that is new to the beer scene.  According to the website, the brewpub opened in November 2012.   I didn’t have much time in Madrid, so I made it a point to pay a visit to FM.  The FM brewpub was cool.  It had modern decor and wasn’t your average dive beer place, which was a relief.  Behind the bar was one of the brewers, Thierry (I think that’s how you spell it) who was a cool guy.  He spoke to me about his background and all the beers he had on tap.  I decided my first Spanish beer would have to be an IPA.  I chose the (FL)IPA.

20130420_110518The (FL)IPA was a golden yellow color with plenty of fluffy, white head.  The ABV on this brew was 7%, so it had the right amount  of ABV in an IPA.  Aroma was fresh smelling hops, almost flowery.  The first sip had some nice bitterness upfront and little citrus sweetness in the finish.  A solid IPA that I wish I could find here at home.

The next brew came at the recommendation of Thierry.  He said I had to try the amber that was on tap.  Please note, he was a lot more enthusiastic and used a few more colorful words to describe how good it was.  It was great to see how enthusiastic he was about the beer.  Sometimes the person who serves you beer isn’t the person that actually brewed the beer, so they will just serve the beer.  I enjoy a brewer serving me beers because they’ll give you a heart felt reason as to why you should try the beer because they helped brew it.

The Amber had a nice brownish amber color with a significant amount of thick head.  The aroma was slightly malty accompanied by hoppyness.  I don’t recall what the ABV was on this brew, but it was not a high ABV.  First sip made me realize why Thierry raved about this beer.  It was really easy to drink.  The bitterness from the hops came through very subtly with a really smooth finish.  I could’ve definitely knocked back a few of these.  20130420_112624

If you are ever in Madrid, you should pay Fabrica Maravillas a visit.  The beers are really good and the place is really chill.  They have a solid beer lineup that includes a saison, triple, quad and an imperial stout.  I was a little annoyed because I was told the quad was coming the week after I left, so I just missed it.  I didn’t get to try any of the other beer because we were on a short timetable, but I really wish I had more time to sit and try them all.  Beer is easily accessible in Spain, but really good beer takes a little more effort to find.  It’s a shame I won’t be having any FM beers for a while because I am now a fan.  Support your local (international) brewers!

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