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Did Social Media Kill Beer Blogs?

In Beer Thought, Uncategorized on June 22, 2016 at 2:25 pm


Are beer blogs dead?  I’m not one for sensationalist headlines.  In fact, they annoy the hell out of me because it always seems like desperation.  However, this is a sincere question and an seemingly odd one coming from a beer blogger.

I stopped blogging for a while for a lot of reasons, but one reason was I really started using social media.  Like much of the world, I started getting updates, news, and mindless entertainment on apps like Twitter.  The apps, as silly as they seemed, became useful for more than inane information.

It was easy to comment on beer I was drinking on Twitter,  Untappd, or in a beer forum.  I was commenting on beer as I was enjoying it.  Even though my comments were shorter, they felt more accurate.  After doing that, it didn’t seem necessary to sit and blog about the beer.

The world we live in has a short attention span. It’s much easier for you to see me give a beer 3.25 stars on an app than read a blog post.  Who has time for that?   Do you want to hear pretentious comments about a beer or its head retention? Maybe.  Actually, I sure hope so.

The truth is there are plenty of blogs (beer related and otherwise) that are worth reading. The abbreviated outlets social media offer are cool, but they are just snacks.  A really good beer blog is more like a good sandwich.  You can always count on it to satisfy your craving.

I think social media is great, but there’s going to be something inherently missing from a tweet, sneep, bloop or whatever.  Beer blogs aren’t dead.   Read it all and enjoy it all (especially this one).


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