Fill It or Spill It


I am a beer nerd.  I like drinking beer and experiencing different tastes.  For a long time, beer was just super bowl commercials and awful tastes.  Earlier in life, all I knew about beer was the usual: Corona, Heineken, Budweiser, and the occasional Naty Ice.  What was I thinking?  Don’t get me wrong I’ll have a Corona or a Heineken if I’m at a BBQ or something, but I wouldn’t buy them.  I’m definitely not spending my hard earned money on something that doesn’t really taste like anything.  I’d rather throw in some extra bucks and buy something delicious.

It is also awesome to see what a good brewery can do with beer.  Most people don’t even know what is currently being done with beer.  There are beers that taste like fruit or can be as filling as a meal.  It annoys me when people say “I don’t drink beer”.  My response is usually “It is because you drink the wrong beer.”  Most people only drink the crappy stuff and have no idea what they are missing.

This is the reason I decided to do this blog.  I want someone to read one of my posts and find a beer they love or avoid a beer that is terrible.  Spending money on a beer that is awful sucks pretty bad because most of the time you have to drink it anyway.  It is very rare that I will actually pour it out.  One because that is against the rules and who has money to throw away?



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