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Did Social Media Kill Beer Blogs?

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Are beer blogs dead?  I’m not one for sensationalist headlines.  In fact, they annoy the hell out of me because it always seems like desperation.  However, this is a sincere question and an seemingly odd one coming from a beer blogger.

I stopped blogging for a while for a lot of reasons, but one reason was I really started using social media.  Like much of the world, I started getting updates, news, and mindless entertainment on apps like Twitter.  The apps, as silly as they seemed, became useful for more than inane information.

It was easy to comment on beer I was drinking on Twitter,  Untappd, or in a beer forum.  I was commenting on beer as I was enjoying it.  Even though my comments were shorter, they felt more accurate.  After doing that, it didn’t seem necessary to sit and blog about the beer.

The world we live in has a short attention span. It’s much easier for you to see me give a beer 3.25 stars on an app than read a blog post.  Who has time for that?   Do you want to hear pretentious comments about a beer or its head retention? Maybe.  Actually, I sure hope so.

The truth is there are plenty of blogs (beer related and otherwise) that are worth reading. The abbreviated outlets social media offer are cool, but they are just snacks.  A really good beer blog is more like a good sandwich.  You can always count on it to satisfy your craving.

I think social media is great, but there’s going to be something inherently missing from a tweet, sneep, bloop or whatever.  Beer blogs aren’t dead.   Read it all and enjoy it all (especially this one).


Guess Who’s Back?

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It feels like I just walked in to an old apartment.  My stuff is exactly where I left it.  It feels different, but it feels familiar.

A lot of stuff has happened since my last post.  A lot of beers have been consumed,  many places have been visited, and other non-beer related things have happened.  Life (mostly) has kept me from actively posting these last few years.  I’ve always thought about creating new posts, but never got around to it.  I don’t know why.  Maybe I didn’t feel like it would be good enough.  Maybe my heart wasn’t in it any more.  Who knows.

I’m a writer at heart, so the allure of sharing my opinions on beer related things pulled me back in. So, I’m back.  I’m not the same dude who started the blog.  Many of you following this blog from the start aren’t the same readers.

I’m not exactly sure what that means for the blog going forward.  I’m here to try to figure it out.  Hopefully, you’ll stick around to see what comes next.  At a minimum, whatever it is should be mildly amusing.


Le Freak

In California, Uncategorized on September 9, 2012 at 10:00 pm

Le Freak is one of those beers I’ve been wanting to try for a while, but have never been in the mood for it.  I finally was in the mood and bought it.  I’ve had beers before from Green Flash Brewing, so I was optimistic about this one.  I was particularly curious about the mix of a tripel and an IPA.

The beer poured a golden-yellow color with tons of really creamy head.  It almost looked like the foam on a cappuccino or some other fancy pants coffee.  It settled to a nice froth.  There was not a lot of carbonation in the beer.   What little carbonation was present was pretty slow-moving.  At a little over 9% ABV this was going to be an experience.

The aroma was pretty complex.  It had a solid hop presence mixed with the Belgian yeast aroma.  Quite an interesting mix of aromas.  The booze mixed some peppery notes made for very interesting aromatics.

The taste was just as complex as the aroma.  It had a little citrus in the start, but finished quite bitter.  The Belgian yeast taste was partnered with a little peppery kick.  This beer was surprisingly thick and syrupy.  Once the ABV started kicking in this beer got really heavy and not easy to drink.

Verdict: Spill It! I read a lot of positive things about this beer, but I just couldn’t enjoy it.  I appreciate the attempt of combining a tripel and an IPA, but in the end the beer felt confused.  I usually enjoy the big ABV beers, but it was too much in Le Freak.  There was so much going on with the beer taste wise and to have a high ABV on top of that was too intense for me.  I don’t think there is any middle ground on this beer, you either love it or hate it (in this case fill it or spill it).  I may try this on draft, but other than that, I won’t be trying this again.

Beer Spot: Three Wise Monks

In Beer Spot, Uncategorized on May 28, 2012 at 9:35 pm

I haven’t done a beer spot post in a little bit, so this long weekend gave me a great opportunity.  A beer nerd’s search for good beer and good places to find beer is never over.  A friend of mine told me about Three Wise Monks, a new beer place that was having a grand opening.  I missed the grand opening, but I made it a goal to visit the place.

Three Wise Monks is located in Garfield, NJ.  The bar sits on the corner of Outwater Lane, so it was really easy to find.  The giant blackboard beer list is a staple of any beer bar.  There were a couple of standouts on the board that made me feel like I was in the right place for a beer.  One of the standout beers was DFH World Wide Stout!  They also had Lost Abbey’s Avant Garde on tap, which was dope because until now I have only seen Lost Abbey beers in the 750ml bottles. So, my friend and I started off the night with some Lost Abbey.

We sat at the bar watching the Spurs vs. Thunder game and started to talk to the bartender.  It turns out the guy behind the bar was Brian, one of the owners.  He was a cool guy who started talking beer with us.  Brian is also a homebrewer, so we talked about homebrewing and all that comes with it.  He also told us something cool about the decor of the bar.  It turns out the wooden barrels that adorned the bar actually came from Weyerbacher, which I thought was awesome.  Brian also told us about the recent Kane Brewing Co. night and more Kane Brewing itself.  So, naturally the next beer we chose was a red rye beer from Kane.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of beer bars in the area.  I either have to take a long drive somewhere or I have to head into NYC to find good beer.  Three Wise Monks just gave me a place where I can find a good beer and don’t have to go completely out of my way for it.  Brian made my friend and I feel like we had been coming to this place for years.  The beer selection was good and had something for everybody.  It’s also great to go to a beer place and talk about beer with the person that is pouring it.  I’m looking forward to seeing what other brewery nights they have because I probably won’t miss the next one.  If you are in Garfield, NJ (or close by) you should stop in for a beer.  You might just see me there!

GutenTag: Beer Chain

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I got tagged by The Dogs of Beer (cool beer blog check it out) and I wanted to participate.  I got an email with a bunch of questions and I have to come up with some of my own.   Feel free to answer my questions with a comments reply.  Enjoy the randomness!


Your first beer:  Sadly, it was probably a Coors Light.  It’s big at family events.

Your first good beer:  Samuel Adams Summer Ale.  Sam Adams was my intro to craft beer.

Your favorite BBQ joint?  Fette Sau in Brooklyn NY.  Crazy wait in line, but awesome food.

Which childhood star most influenced you?  George Carlin.  I attribute some of my cynicism and attention to language to him.

Would you rather listen to Exile on Main St. or Sgt. Pepper’s?  Neither.  If it’s old school music we’re talking about I’ll go with some Hector Lavoe.  Do yourself a favor and google him.

Which is better: or Meh.

To the extent divulging it would not reveal top-secret, upcoming reviews…what beers are in your fridge right now? I’ve got some homebrew milk stout, DFH 120 that I am saving for a while, Portamarillo that I am saving, Tweason Ale, Goose Island Sofie, and some other stuff.

Dogs of Beer Questions:

You win a contest.  A truck will drive to your house once a week and drop off a case of beer.  In a perfect world, what would the beer be?  In a perfect world I would pick a different beer every week.  For the first week, I would start off with some La Trappe Quad, then week 2 would be Portamarillo, Orval and then whatever else my little beer drinking heart desires.

The one place you wish they would allow you to drink beer is? Work and they would pay for it and not ask me to do any work….just drink beer.

What’s the one VHS tape you own(ed) (or cassette tape) that you wish you had on DVD (or CD) now? The VHS of my Kung-Fu tournament when I was like 10.  I didn’t win or anything, but it would just be cool to see it whenever I want.

Do you prefer to be the one who cooks, or the one who cleans up?  Neither, but I help with both.

David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar? David Lee Roth cuz he’s a crazy old lady.  Sammy Hagar’s airport restaurant wasn’t very good so he lost points.

Go to the movies or catch it on DVD? On DVD…I can’t drink beer at the movies.

What’s the one thing you really like that you’d really love to post about in your blog, but you don’t because it doesn’t really fit the overall theme?  Random thoughts about random things.

My Questions:

Stout or Porter? I’ll go stout

If you could work at any brewery for the day and create your own beer…..where would it be and what would you make? I’d go to Westvleteren.  I’ve never been to Belgium or had one of the famous beers, but I’d like to make a Trappist Stout.  How cool would that be?

What’s the coolest beer name you have ever seen? Loser Pale Ale (just did a post so it’s on my mind)

What’s the worst beer you have ever had? St. Ides.  Don’t ask why I ever tried that.

If you could give any living celebrity a beer…who would it be and what would you give them?  I’d give LeBron James a Flying Dog Raging Bitch.  I’m a ticked-off Knicks fan and you have to admit that’s funny!

What’s the weirdest place you ever had a beer?  I went to the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show a few weeks ago and was able to enjoy an amazing show with a beer.


Thanks for making it this far.  Cheers!



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(on tap)

During a beer run I saw a cool looking bottle from Ommegang; it was Aphrodite.  I read the label and it said it had raspberry and pear juice; it also had my attention.  I’ve been fascinated by beers with fruit in them lately, so I figured why not.  As a plus, my wife was with me read the bottle and said “oh you should get that”.  Who am I to argue?

The beer poured an interesting purplish-red color.  The carbonation was really active, so this beer was ready to go.  There was a good amount a creamy head.  I thought it was interesting that the head was more creamy than fluffy; why you ask?  I don’t know, just an observation.    The ABV is 8.9% so this brew has some punch to it (which I like).

The aroma was really tart.  It had a really funky, almost vinegar like aroma to it.  The funky aroma wasn’t really enticing, but it had my attention. The aroma was fruity, but on first guess I wouldn’t have picked up raspberry or pear.  I wouldn’t blame that on the beer because those are two pretty obscure smelling fruits.

The taste was tart and gets you right in the back of the throat.  I could pick up the raspberry taste in the tartness which was enjoyable.  I also picked up the subtle pear sweetness which was nice.  The taste was sour and pretty dry. I also picked up a tea-like bitterness.  Not really sure how to describe it, but it had a tea-like finish which was interesting.

Verdict: Fill It!  I had the opportunity to have this beer from the bottle and on tap.  I liked it either way.  I’m not a fan of the funky sour beers, but this one was enjoyable.  It got easier to drink after a few sips, not sure if that’s because of the 8.9% ABV or because it takes a few sips to get accustomed to the tartness.  I am a fan of Ommegang, so I think they did a good job with this beer and I will drink it again.

Beer Chronicles: Verse 1

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Hello World

I decided to start a blog about beer to share my thoughts and experiences with all the beers I try.  I know what you are thinking…..another person with a blog?  Good question…. I chronicle all the beers that I try, so I figured why not share my thoughts and help a fellow beer drinker figure out what to buy.  I don’t claim to be an expert, just a guy who likes beer.  I promise I won’t make up weird descriptions of how the beers taste like “tastes like whatever obscure reference some people use” or “smells like floral bouquet of fresh-cut grass and hydrangea.” I’ll use references that I would understand and that are easy to imagine.

I’ll post pictures of the beers that I am reviewing, so you can have an idea of what it looks like.  If you are a beer fan like me, then you probably think it’s helpful to see what it looks like coming out of the bottle and chillin in your glass. 

The ratings I’ll be giving are “Fill it” or “Spill It”.  Just keep in mind, I will not actually spill beer when I say “Spill It” (that’s a beer no-no); it’s more of a comment on how I feel.  Would I buy the beer again? or Would I have poured it out if it didn’t cost me hard-earned money.

 Here we go!